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South-Korea has been at the forefront of developing Smart City projects with the government championing it as one of its main agendas. By piloting the concept through Busan City, their goal is to implement similar projects across the country. They hope that this initiative can help South Korea address environmental and socioeconomic concerns and push for a sustainable and efficient localised economy.

XnTree has been selected to lead the project in Busan and we aim to use intelligent technology to enhance the quality of life in by minimising waste, optimising energy usage, making governance more transparent, minimising congestion and improving healthcare. At the heart of our design, we aim to create a more dynamic network of connectivity between key elements of the city landscape. This will enhance the efficiency and delivery standards of transit networks, energy grids, hospitals, smart buildings and financial activity.

The key challenge of Busan Smart City Project is to find smart solutions to superimpose on existing infrastructure. The resulting smart infrastructure should be dynamic and self-learning with the ability to govern its own operation, predicting faults before they occur and optimising the delivery of resources or services to match demand.

Through the GoEast Programme (link), XnTree will curate advanced technologies from London to join the project for 5 months from Q3 of 2018 and collaborate with South Korea’s tech ventures, corporate bodies and government. Selected companies from London will be funded for the duration of the programme in Busan and will receive an opportunity for investment to further their venture in Korea.

Our Technology Sandbox which will run alongside the GoEast Programme is designed to provide a testing environment for products and exploring the regulatory framework. The Sandbox will support ventures to reduce time-to-market, identify appropriate consumer protection safeguards to build into the products and services and to provide a platform to showcase product demos.